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Legal Protection for your Business

  • Automatically archive every public page of your website as often as you want. (Daily, weekly, monthly)

  • Protect your copyrights. Our independent archives are legal evidence of your publication date in any court of law. When you discover a copycat, you can prove you published it first.

  • Retain proof of your past content in case you are sued. (Archive your site's Terms and Conditions, products, prices, representations, warranties, etc.) If you sell to the public, you need these valuable records!

  • All automatic and securely stored on our servers. Your employees come and go. Your computers may crash. We're always here for you.

  • We're an independent third party that can verify authenticity in a court of law. Your internal records are subject to manipulation. (Or loss!) Our secure archives are not. Every archive is digitally signed and time/date stamped to validate authenticity.

  • Our online control panel allows you to log in and view your archives any time you want from any internet connection in the world!

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